ABOUT “INFRINGED: Second amendment in the crosshairs”

What is the true meaning of the Second Amendment? Did our founding fathers really intend to insure an individual’s right to keep and bear arms?  Is that part of the Second Amendment simply about gun ownership – or does it encompass something farther-reaching?  And is the Second Amendment still relevant today – or, as some bureaucrats insist, should such rights no longer exist?

Sit in on historically accurate reenactments of both of the drafting and enactment of the Bill of Rights.  Find yourself in the same situations as present-day gun owners who’ve saved not only their own lives and their loved ones, but also those of others, through the legal use of the same defensive weapons anti-gun advocates now seek to ban.  Combined with revealing television news footage, interviews with experts and a whole lot more, INFRINGED will lay bare precisely what is at stake – and how essential it is to preserve ALL the rights Americans are blessed with and must retain for future generations.

The Second Amendment was one in a series of moves by our Founding Fathers to insure Americans would be free citizens – with guaranteed rights as individuals – and not subjects – the property of an all-powerful government, as they’d been in Europe.  It would have been intolerable to our Founding Fathers that any disparity between citizens, soldiers and law enforcement officers be drawn as to which personal “arms” could be carried.

INFRINGED will present the arguments on both sides of the current gun control debate – and allow you, the viewer, to make up your own mind.    We’ll uncover the true motivations behind both those who wish to preserve individual rights and those who wish to revoke them.  Which arguments are based on ideological emotion – and which are founded on irrefutable facts?

We’ll explore how Second Amendment rights are exercised in the U.S. today – be they for hunting, target shooting or strictly individual protection.  Through dramatic re-creations of criminal attacks – alongside interviews with the victims and police who handled each case, we’ll take viewers inside situations where the legally protected right to own a gun for personal protection made all the difference between life or death for innocents under attack.  Quite often, the weapons involved were precisely the ones anti-gun advocates want to deny to law-abiding citizens, leaving those with no regard or intent to follow the law with superior firepower – or even as the only individuals with firearms at all.


INFRINGED will be shot, as are other features produced for theatrical release, in ultra-high-resolution cinematic widescreen. From the first frame to the last, it will be packed with compelling content – moving, surprising, eye-opening, gripping and even shocking at times. Every person leaving the theater will walk away with all the facts available for a full and complete understanding of not only the importance of preserving every one of our freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights but just what’s at stake in today’s gun rights debate.

INFRINGED will be produced in three 25-30 minute acts, followed by a concluding wrap-up.

Act I: The Bill of Rights. Following a rapid-fire preview of the overall production, we’ll begin with the Founding Fathers’ establishment of The Bill of Rights. Discover the rationale behind it – as we take you to 1789 and James Madison’s history-making address to Congress. Witness the debate which followed – the individual thoughts of the Founding Fathers – as revealed in their actual words taken from their personal writings. Learn why – in the end – they all agreed to preserve forever from any kind of government infringement the individual liberties of each American citizen in The Bill of Rights.

Act II: Today’s Gun Control Debate. Through the use of historic TV news clips and freshly shot interviews with the most prominent experts in Constitutional principles and today’s gun debate, INFRINGED will fact-check today’s most frequently-heard talking points – and reveal which are based on provable reality and which on ideologically-colored emotion. We’ll review the quality of life and crime rate differences between cities and states with highly restrictive anti-gun laws in place and compare them to other places in the U.S. with greater respect for Second Amendment rights. Of the two, where are you statistically safer – and more free?

Act III: The Second Amendment Today. Currently, legally licensed hunters, target shooters and private citizens in self-defense situations are free to exercise their Second Amendment rights every day – in most but not all parts of the country. In Act III, we’ll meet with and get to know a broad cross-section of such Americans from Maine to California and discover how the loss of their Second Amendment rights would affect them. We’ll enter the world of legally exercised sportsmanship shared by hunters and recreational shooters. We’ll also meet crime victims who saved their own lives and/or those of their loved ones through the use of the very same firearms and magazines some anti-gun advocates seek to ban. You’ll vicariously experience the traumas such victims endured through the use of on-the-spot news footage, re-creations of events and interviews with the law enforcement officers who – after the fact, of course – investigated each case. And, in our conversations with state and local police, discover for yourself the honest opinion most of them hold of Second Amendment rights.

Epilogue: The Conclusion: What will happen to us and our freedoms if anti-gun advocates and others interested in infringing upon or revoking any or all of our constitutional rights are allowed to succeed? What freedom will still exist in America if all power is transferred from the people and placed instead under the thumb of an all-powerful government bureaucracy? That would be a complete reversal of our Founding Fathers’ goal: to establish a nation that celebrates freedom via a limited government that answers to the people – not the people forced to subject themselves to the demands of a ruling class. Will our citizenship based on individual liberties be preserved for future generations – or we lose it for them forever? And if we do, what will that mean for OUR future – and that of our children?