Contact Us

Ordinarily a Contact Us page is created to serve as the primary point of contact between the core team and the vitally important supporters of a project. Such a form exists on this page and gives you a direct means to reach us.

But because we have a small staff, what we’d prefer to do – and we hope you’ll understand – is to ask you to reach us via our social networking vehicles: Facebook and our all-important Kickstarter page (where you can back INFRINGED with anything from $10 to $10,000 or more). Streamlining our efforts in this way will ensure that the critical support generated through our Kickstarter campaign will most fully go into the production of the documentary – rather than the staffing of a phone bank.

We’ll do everything we can to respond to communications in a timely fashion, but please do understand that if INFRINGED develops as anticipated, we may be limited to more general announcements instead of being able to answer every individual communication.

Now is the time to take action – action that will help preserve one of the most important liberties we are currently guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Now is the time to act and to go to the Kickstarter site and make a commitment to support INFRINGED. Every dollar is critical.  Please go to [address to be announced soon] and provide financial support now! Those who wish to take your rights away are already hard at work.

If you would like to contact us outside of the social networks, please use the form below.