Untold millions of dollars have already been spent by those who wish to mislead the public into supporting their emotion-based anti-gun policies. These millions of dollars are, more often than not, taxpayer dollars authorized by the very individuals who wish to abscond with the protected liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The story these individuals are telling is entirely one-sided and leaves out many crucial details, both in terms of history and the present-day effects of gun control efforts. Meanwhile, little effort has been made to genuinely reach out to the wider population with a true understanding of why Second Amendment rights are so critical to all Americans – including those who make the conscious choice not to own or carry a firearm themselves.

There is a simple reality we are faced with: no documentary that exposes the truth about the importance of the Second Amendment will ever be funded by the Hollywood and/or mainstream media community. It’s you – the ones who already understand what America has to lose if it gives up its Second Amendment heritage – who can bring INFRINGED to the screen and help educate the rest of the country. This film will happen when you and everyone you can bring with you go to our Kickstarter site (to be activated soon!) and pledge any amount from $10 to $10,000 or more. We have some great rewards for participants at all levels (visit the site for reward descriptions) – but more importantly, by becoming involved in this project you will be helping to shape the national dialogue on Second Amendment rights.

We’ve set a $200,000 minimum funding goal for INFRINGED on Kickstarter. At that budget level we can produce a very solid motion picture. But every dollar above that amount will enable us make the documentary even more robust and effective. An endeavor to stage emotionally-engaging reenactments, shoot interviews and technical demonstrations throughout the nation, license historic film and video clips and build many of the visual elements that raise a project like this from merely competent to breathtaking requires a substantial financial foundation. Consider: last year’s highly successful 2016: Obama’s America was produced on a $2.5 million budget.  We’d like to get as close to that ideal figure as we can – and with your help, we believe that’s in reach.

We live in a visual culture.   Much of today’s population looks to popular media to know what to think and feel, and in order to truly educate them we have to reach them on a gut level – something the gun control crowd has been taking advantage of for years to spread misinformation. We have the necessary skills to craft the other side of the story – and to do it in such compelling terms that we can open a lot of eyes and change a lot of minds. And every dollar we receive above the $200,000 minimum will let us bring that much more compelling detail, realism and emotional engagement to the screen.

Please click on any of the Kickstarter links throughout this site – and help us do just that. We have a limited amount of time to help shape one of the most important debates in our nation’s history.